Understanding Behaviour

Understanding Behaviour

6 April 2021

Kaiako, in partnership with whānau, play an important role in supporting children to develop behaviours that enable them to be successful in their learning and relationships. When we understand the social and individual influences on behaviour, we are better able to create a responsive environment and to support positive behaviour through intentional teaching and guidance.

Children’s behaviour is influenced by a combination of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’. A child’s temperament sits mostly within the ‘nature’ part of the equation, as it is something that they are born with. Their temperament influences their developing personality, their dispositions for learning, and the ways in which they respond to their environment.

Temperamental traits lie on a continuum from being shy and cautious, to being relaxed, adaptable and calm, through to being highly active, with intense emotional responses. While these are innate qualities, they can be strengthened or moderated by the parenting, modelling, and teaching that a child experiences. With the right support and feedback, children can build on their existing skills and develop new skills in order to interact successfully with others in different contexts.

Whānau are the best source of information about a child’s temperament. With this information Kaiako are better able to ensure that the early learning environment is supportive and responsive.

Above information from MOE He Māpuna te Tamaiti – Supporting Social and Emotional Competence in Early Learning

 At Nurtured at Home we meet with whānau wherever possible to do enrolments face-to-face so that we can start to build a long-term relationship, learn more about their family and in particular their child. By working in partnership with whānau and valuing their contribution, we are better able to make a difference for each child in the homebased context.