Nurtured at Home started up in 2014, and we’ve been on an awesome ride ever since. From our relatively small beginnings at home to now covering all of Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Gisborne, we’ve stayed true to our Philosophy and Guiding Principles which essentially is to recognise children as our first priority. In addition to this, we strive to provide an exceptional experience for our community of parents and educators, and we would like to thank our community for joining us and continuing to support us.

We hope that for those of you considering becoming part of the Nurtured at Home team, as a parent or an Educator, that you join us and allow us to earn the right to partner with you every day and we welcome you to become a part of our incredible journey.


  1. September 2013

    September 2013

    Nurtured at Home was created with a simple idea of "children are our first priority". Like most great ideas, this one was thought up sitting at Petra’s kitchen table just out of Tauranga. A significant amount of time was spent creating our policies and procedures to ensure our service was built around quality interactions with children in our care, their families and our Educators.

  2. February 2014

    February 2014

    Petra recognised that quality interactions start with the team of Visiting Teachers and support staff, so made the commitment to employ the very best. This started with Pam Wardrope who now leads our BOP team and ensures that everything relating to the quality of our interactions with our children, Educators, and families exceeds Ministry of Education criteria.

    We chose Auckland as our first area to open up, even if this did mean Petra virtually living in Auckland. We were overwhelmed with the response we received and since then we have substantially added to our team and now cover all areas of Auckland.

  3. July 2014

    July 2014

    Moving closer to home, Petra opened up throughout the wider Bay of Plenty region in July 2014. Working from an office down an alley and under the University of Waikato’s Tauranga campus building, this was also our first official ‘home’. We employed our first administrator to support Petra and Pam so they could focus on "children are our first priority".

  4. January 2015

    January 2015

    Numbers continued to grow in Auckland and so did our team, and we quickly outgrew our two rented offices in Ellerslie. We moved into our current Auckland office in Penrose where we can now accommodate our team, resources and toy library.

  5. April 2015

    April 2015

    Gisborne beckoned us. It wasn't our intent but a group of Educators heard about what we offered and asked us to meet with them. Over two years later, we have grown tremendously in the area, and those original Educators are still with us.

  6. October 2015

    October 2015

    In 2015, Petra decided she wanted to move her family back to the Waikato so facilitated this by opening up in Hamilton. Really, she wanted to be closer to her son (poor chap) who goes to school in Hamilton. Since then we’ve become a truly Waikato-wide business supported by a wonderful and diverse team of Educators, Visiting Teachers and support staff.

  7. January 2016

    January 2016

    With the rapid growth in Auckland and Tauranga, our miniature office down an alley in Tauranga (although handy to all the shops) had been outgrown and we needed somewhere for our administration team; three sharing a desk was ok if they weren’t in the office at the same time. We also felt that when one had to use the bathroom it would be nice to access this indoors, rather than exit the office, head into an underground carpark using a keypad, wait for access via a huge rolling carpark door, and then head into the far, dark corner. So we purchased a homely property on 15th Avenue to become our BOP office and administrative hub.

  8. June 2016

    June 2016

    June saw us open in the Hawkes Bay. Once again, we were warmly received and we continue to grow and spread throughout the region.

  9. October 2016

    October 2016

    Winners of the Westpac Service Excellence Awards and Finalist in the Supreme Business of the Year Award! This was recognition of all the hard work that our entire team (Educators and staff) put in each and every day to ensure that "children are our first priority".

  10. March 2017

    March 2017

    You know you’ve purchased far too many vehicles when you appear in a car manufacturer's magazine. During March, we featured in the Suzuki Life magazine. Why did we pick the Suzuki Swift? Because it matched our "bubbly personality". Check out the rest of the article here www.suzuki.co.nz/suzuki-life/news/article/nurtured-at-home/527140

  11. July 2017

    July 2017

    We were offered another Homebased service in the Waikato, and subsequently purchased this to complement our existing business in Waikato. Sounds simple, but the effort put in by the wider Nurtured at Home team to bring this all together over a short period of time was incredible.

  12. September 2017

    September 2017

    Our new website is now up and running. We actually thought our old one was still pretty relevant but we like to be innovative and a market leader. We hope you enjoy! If you think we’re doing things well, tell others and if you think we can do things differently, then tell us what and why, and convince us. You may be surprised to know that some of our best ideas haven’t come from us; rather they have come from the communities we operate in.

Our guiding principles are:



Nurture a love of learning for all those associated with Nurtured at Home, through ongoing research, quality resources, best practice and being part of the community within which we exist.

To engage in partnerships within Nurtured at Home and the wider national and international communities, to share our combined knowledge, resources and passion to set the foundation for each individual child to reach their full potential.

To provide a nurturing, safe place to work where people are valued and true partnerships are fostered through mindful practice.

To be a leader in best practice, and to mentor and engage with communities to raise the quality of Early Childhood Education.

To be altruistic in a meaningful way by supporting causes that recognise and nurture the importance of our youngest children in society.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are the fabric of our culture and the basis for all decisions made within our business. If it doesn’t fit with our principles, then we don’t do it . . . after all, we promote children as being our first priority.  Every day the entire team works hard to work with and alongside our Nurtured at Home family so even though we think we do a pretty good job, don’t take our word for it;

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