Supporting Educators

Supporting Educators

26 June 2018

Nurtured at Home works hard to ensure we provide a quality service to our families/whānau, children, Educators and employees.  To maintain our quality, we have policies and processes designed to guide us when considering how we provide an effective learning environment and curriculum for children to be “competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society” (Te Whāriki).

Holly Bryant, one of our long-term Visiting Teachers based in Auckland, is well placed with the skills, knowledge and disposition, to provide ongoing guidance and support to our teaching team around effective practice and the process of documenting regular visits to an Educator’s home along with the follow-up evidence of setting goals and working with and alongside Educators to consider the theory behind children’s interests and play.

Our process starts with a visit to an Educator’s home and together the Visiting Teacher and Educator consider how best to support each individual child and how this may be documented through learning stories. In addition to this, support and guidance is summarised each month so that together the Visiting Teacher and Educator may provide a quality learning environment and curriculum.  Further, the Educator’s own learning journey is documented in the Educator Training Plan with and alongside their Visiting Teacher so that their ongoing acquirement of knowledge and skills is celebrated.

Holly visits all Nurtured at Home’s regions, providing tailored training and development for Visiting Teachers, so that they are well placed to provide effective, respectful and inspirational guidance and support to their network of Educators. This means that together the entire team at Nurtured at Home are working hard to ensure the best quality outcomes for children, their families/whānau and Educators.