Supermarket Visits

Supermarket Visits

4 February 2020

Supermarkets are busy and exciting places and can be a bit too busy and exciting for a little person to cope with. Shopping can be a bit much especially on days when the children are enticed by everything they see and may not feel content to stay by your side.

Supermarkets are also full of dangers, especially for a toddler. When you are shopping with more than one child, it can be especially stressful. The baby might be happy to sit safely restrained in the trolley watching the world go by, but if their older siblings want to explore in opposite directions you may feel anxious.

When you are anxious or worried, this may reflect in the way you feel and react. During high stress, the brain doesn’t always function at its best cognitively. It’s more likely to be reacting from the lower ‘survival’ area than responding from the ‘thinking’ region. The public nature of the situation can also add to the stress.

Tips for surviving:

  • Stay strong when there is a meltdown.
  • Focus on the good give plenty of praise when things are going well.
  • Distract them while you are waiting in a queue.
  • Get your children involved at the checkout.
  • Get the timing right. Don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave if you need to.
  • Keep your children involved in the process.
  • Plan your route around the supermarket.
  • Focus on the child not what everyone else thinks.
  • If it’s going wrong learn for next time.
  • Some supermarkets offer free fruit for children – this is great for children to choose a healthy item to eat while they accompany you.

When the children are beginning to get anxious play games like “I Spy’ with older kids while you wait. Snacks in a container or a special toy will help you feel calmer and more in control in a very loud, bright busy environment.

Supermarket survival is about being prepared and organised.

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