Road Safety Practices

Road Safety Practices

24 May 2019

Nurtured at Home provides Educators with hi-viz vests for children to wear for safety when exploring out and about in the community.

One of the many advantages of homebased childcare is that Educators and children can explore their local communities and learn from the many opportunities that are provided in these excursions.  These include playgroups, visits to the local park and libraries, and walks around the block.  Not only are children learning from all that is offered in their local communities, it also provides an opportunity for Educators to promote and role model good road safety practices.

Regular excursions allow for children to revisit the ideas associated with road safety making learning meaningful and embedding their learning into their daily activities.  Educators, families and whānau have a key role to play in supporting this learning and assisting children to develop the skills and attitudes associated with safe road use.  The first step is to ensure that at all times adults are role modelling good road safety practices.  Some further ideas to support children's learning of road safety:

  • Always hold hands when walking.
  • Actively supervise children when around roads and vehicles.
  • When walking with children, talk with them about the road signs, traffic lights and the rules when crossing the road.
  • Wherever possible, cross roads at official signed crossings.
  • Being aware of driveways.
  • Being aware of other transport on the footpaths such as mobility and other forms of scooters, skateboards, and bikes.