5 May 2017

Nurtured at Home offers Educator’s, families and children the opportunity to attend a weekly playgroup in their community.  Some benefits of playgroup include:

  • Children develop social skills at their own pace
  • Children build emotional confidence
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Supports children’s creativity and imagination
  • Children learn through role play

In a homebased environment, children experience all these opportunities, and are then confident to transfer their learning and skills to the larger social context of playgroup.  As children form strong bonds with their Educator and other children in a homebased setting, attending playgroups then provides them with an opportunity to explore a larger setting as they feel comfortable knowing their familiar people are still present and available.  In a playgroup context, children may then feel free to explore with different children and people outside of their homebased environment, making new friendships and connections.  This works well when children attend a regular, familiar playgroup so that they can revisit their exploration, relationships and activities provided.

Nurtured at Home provides playgroups in a variety of locations and venues so that children may experience learning outside of the home, in the wider community and natural environment.