Growing Young Minds

Growing Young Minds

1 April 2014

At Nurtured at Home, we embrace the values of manaakitia te whenua – caring for our environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.  Here’s an art activity using recyclable paper towel rolls:


Materials: Paper towel rolls; variety of paint colours; recyclable cardboard box


Process: Squirt a small amount of different coloured paints onto the base of a recyclable cardboard box.  Use the paper towel roll to roll across these paints.  The paper towel roll could be left to dry as a decorate piece of artwork on its own, or alternatively used to roll across another piece of paper to create a different art effect.


There are many educational play opportunities using paper towel rolls – they can be used as a telescope, creating circular shapes using stamp art, building sculptures, or used as musical instruments (drum sticks, horns, or shakers).  Tip: encourage children to use their imagination by providing the resources and seeing how the children use them for play.  Experiment and have fun, whilst learning at the same time!