20 February 2019

We recognise the importance of Educators, families and children feeling connected to each other and their local community. Therefore, Nurtured at Home provides the opportunity of regular playgroups for Educators, children and their families to attend.

Here is some further information about why and how we provide playgroups, specific to each community’s needs.

Purpose of Playgroup:

To provide a learning environment outside of the homebased environment to support Educators and children to gain knowledge, skills and attributes within a larger social context.

Setting the Environment:

We recognise that infants, toddlers and young children have different learning needs and therefore we strive to provide an environment that enables infants, toddlers and young children to engage, explore, and learn.

Planning for Playgroup:

Each playgroup uniquely reflects the local environment, Educators, children and whānau.  Therefore, individual planning for each playgroup will be based on both spontaneous activities and experiences along with an extension of those interests that children have shared either at previous playgroups and/or visits to the home.

Priority learners, identified by the Education Review Office (ERO) and Ministry of Education (MOE) are Maori, Pasifika, children from low income families, children with special learning needs, along with children under the age of two.  Therefore, specific learning and play opportunities will be available at each playgroup to nurture each child’s sense of belonging and identity.

Nurtured at Home provides opportunities for playgroup to take place both indoors and outside within our local and natural environment. We recognise the importance of children feeling connected to their land to create a strong sense of belonging, and to grow their understanding of nurturing the land not only for today, but for future generations.