Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

27 May 2021

He taonga te mokopuna, kia whāngaia, kia tipu, kia rea.

A child is a treasure, to be nurtured, to grow, to flourish.

New Zealand/Aotearoa’s Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki, plays an important unifying role by providing principles for curriculum development, strands that describe valued learning, goals relating to the provision of a supportive learning environment, and learning outcomes.

On visits to our Educators homes in May, our Nurtured at Home Visiting Teachers are revisiting how learning outcomes can be used in learning stories as broad statements of valued learning. Learning outcomes are designed to inform curriculum planning and evaluation and to support the assessment of children’s progress.

When we document children’s learning in portfolios, whether it be in their scrapbook or online, we use the language of learning outcomes. For example, we might see children engaged as a group in imaginative play such as pretending being animals. When we write a story about what we see, we can include a learning outcome from Te Whāriki such as:

Over time and with guidance and encouragement, children become increasingly capable of: Using a range of strategies and skills to play and learn with others / te ngakau aroha.

All of our Educators have received a keyring as a practical resource of all Te Whariki’s goals and learning outcomes so they can be included easily when writing stories of children’s learning.