Healthy Balanced Eating

Healthy Balanced Eating

25 October 2021

Providing a healthy lunch and snacks throughout the day ensures you are giving your child a good amount of energy. Children who eat healthy foods are more active and focused during the day.

At Nurtured at Home, we promote healthy eating and families are povided with Ministry of Health information when they enrol.  Children spend the day being busy and active, and need balanced and healthy foods to fuel their bodies and keep their minds energised and focused.  

Below is a list of ideas to build a balanced (and creative) lunchbox that will encourage your child to eat a variety of colourful, and healthy foods throughout the day.  Remember, variety and presentation can be a great way of appealing to your child and encouraging them to try new food.  Adults can be great role models by eating alongside children. If they see you and other children eating different food, they are more likely to try it too.

  • Breads, muffins, sandwiches – with a variety of fillings and different kinds of shapes.
  • Vegetables and fruit – cut and prepared in accordance with Ministry of Health Guidelines.
  • Vegetable fritters or frittata.
  • Sushi.
  • Yoghurt or custard.
  • Cheese, cold cuts of meat, tuna or salmon.
  • Left over meals from the day before to be reheated.
  • Small tins of baked beans or spaghetti.
  • Cold cooked pasta with grated vegetables.

Another great tip is to have your children pack the lunchbox alongside of you.  Remember to pack a bottle of water to drink with all meals.