Brain Breaks for Children

Brain Breaks for Children

22 May 2023

Brain breaks for children is the simple technique in which they are given a short mental break at regular intervals. Brain breaks are great for when children have been concentrating for a length of time or involved in a game that has come to a natural end. The benefits of using brain breaks include helping children to be calmer by reducing anxiety, stress and frustration. They can also help children learn to self-regulate and be more aware of when they need a break, for example if they are starting to feel frustrated. Brain breaks help children to remain focused.

A game of ‘Simon Says’ is good to use for brain breaks, as it enables children to practise their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Motor skills are when the brain and muscles work together to carry out a planned motion.

Some other easy and fun ideas include:

  • Dancing around to a favourite song
  • A short routine of 5 star jumps, 5 claps, and 5 foot stomps
  • Stretching – this can include children’s yoga
  • Going outdoors, lying on the grass looking up to the sky and watching the clouds

Some brain breaks are energising and some are relaxing, usually only lasting around 1-5 minutes. Brain breaks are quick, structured breaks using physical movement, mindfulness exercises, or sensory activities – you can mix this up throughout each day depending on the needs of the children!