Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

6 June 2024

As we head into the Winter months, we can be prepared for outdoor play. This means having enough warm clothing and wet weather gear (such as a rain jacket and gumboots) and spare, warm clothing to change into back at home. It’s a good idea for children to wear layers that can be removed or added to throughout the day as the temperature changes, and as children move from indoor to outdoor play.

Physically active play can help children to:

  • develop large muscles, strength and balance;
  • develop flexibility and coordination including hand–eye coordination;
  • develop skills such as throwing, catching, hopping, skipping, climbing and balancing;
  • develop an awareness of space, such as over/under, in front/behind, on top/beneath, inside/outside;
  • develop mathematical concepts such as long/short, big/small, wide/narrow;
  • be confident in controlling their bodies and learn their limits;
  • learn to cooperate and share;
  • understand that physical activity is fun and can release tension.

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